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12 x 18 Field Shelter with Side Store by Finer Stables Review

We have recently purchased a field shelter for our family horses, after searching around we found a local independent family Leicestershire company Finer Stables.

We spoke to Clare who owns Finer Stables and I must say she was amazing! She guided us through the whole process from start to finish.

In the end, we decided to go for the 12 x 18 Field Shelter with side store, we added a few extras on also wit the ground anchors, guttering, and timber skids.

When in summer or winter keeping your horses out the hot sun or even to keep them dry and warm during the winter months a field shelter is so important. There are so many advantages of having a field shelter than opposed to a fully stable

With a field shelter compared to a stable is that it can be moved and doesn’t need planning permission, this was a huge factor for us knowing that we could move the horses and the shelter to a different field or area if needed.

Finer Stables constructs a huge range of different equestrian building that will suit your every need to take care of your horses.

finer stables field shelter

You can see a little more about them here – Finer Stables

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