yue-sport Water Bottle Foldable Silicone BPA-Free for Travelling


Taking your own water bottle is a must and getting one that you can easily clean and carry around with you is important, a lot of tap water around the world is not drinkable so most countries sell water in big bottles, we always have our own bottles we can refill and then easily fold away if we are not using them to save space.



yue-sport Water Bottle Foldable Silicone BPA-Free for Travelling, Running or Hiking

  • 1.Superior medical grade safety: food grade silica gel (material) BPA free and non toxic, no smell, approved by the FDA in the United States
  • 2.Light and foldable; saves space when not in use and easily portable to outside air, I Need air innovative air valve allows you to fill the bottle and Sequi is right, even when elleil is empty
  • 3.Leak-proof: Silicone material, feels the way, anti-chute material, ideal for all kinds of outdoor sports
  • 4.Wide application: Can be used for a wide range of temperatures -40 & # x2103; with 100 & # x2103; & # x202 °F; and use with liquids or chaudsou done, shock resistant and anti-slip design to cycling, swimming, outdoor activities
  • 5.Size: Large capacity 600 ml, only 175g, 6.7×27 cm

Glass, Stainless Steel Mugs, plastic cups are easily déformés as a result of the collision and not easy to carry
Silicone Water Bottle
Use food grade silicone, soft, lightweight, pliable and non-toxic and tasteless
Perfect for all kinds of outdoor sports
> Material: Food grade plastic (Silicon) flacon (bottle)
> Temperature resistant: – 60 & # x2103; to240 & # x2103;
> Certification: FDA, CE, BPA free
> Size: 600ml, 27 * 6.7 cm


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